Thursday, April 9, 2009


This mornings workout was either hills or longer fartlek intervals. I chose the intervals and made my way out to some quieter roads just north of the house. After a twenty five minute warm up I was ready to start my first interval. As I started my first split I realized I didn't look up the workout to get the correct intensity. Damn! How stupid! I took my best shot a decent effort and kept it near 1/2 marathon pace. Not entirely off, but once I got home I read they should have been closer to 10k pace. (different energy systems) So, I did 4 X 5 min. at 1/2 marathon pace with 2 min. recovery. I finished with a good warm down and called it a morning.  

Here is the breakdown:
warm up  25:04  (HR 126)
interval 1=   4:58  HR=148  6 min pace
interval 2=   5:03  HR= 152  5:41 pace
interval 3=   5:15  HR= 143   5:32 pace *mostly downhill
interval 4=  4:55  HR= 152   5:43 pace
warm down  28:00  (HR 132)
looking back, now I see why this workout felt too good. i ran too easy. Oh well, no loss still a good workout, just not what was intended.

Totals:  1:19:00  11.2 miles

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