Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good For A Beer

I just couldn't muster up the energy to go out doors for the run on snowmobile trails so to the treadmill I went. Instead of watching the miles, time or pace I just focused on calories. Once the calories hit 500, I knew that would be good for a couple beers, then I focused on making my way to five miles. Time flies when you are thinking of a nice, cold one.

Totals: 38:50 5 miles (540+ kcal)

Friday, January 30, 2009


I ran a cold, crabby, stiff, annoying recovery run out and back on skyline. WTF? Enough of the cold already... I know we have all of Feb. to go but come on!!!!

Totals: 40:00   5.1 miles

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Butt Hurts

Yesterday I took the day away from running because of a new sore calf. No big deal, just one of those things I wanted to nip right away, since the day called for an easy five miler. Instead I woke up and did a ball routine and leg workout that included two sets of one legged squats on the stairs. I did another set at work and I paid the price this morning.

Off to Hartley trails this morning and with the new dusting of snow we received I could tell there was one runner ahead of me on the trails. That one runner would prove to be Chris, as our paths crossed up on the guard rail loop. With any little climb I could feel yesterday's leg workout. My legs felt a bit tired, the kind of tired from increasing your mileage and days of workouts in a two week period. As the day went on, things felt pretty good and all should be on for the morning recovery run.

It should be interesting to see what kind of workouts I can muster up this weekend, as our van will be heading my parents in Michigan where the snowbanks are like small mountains. Just ask Patrick. Should be fun.

Totals: 1:08:56     8.3 miles   (8:21 pace)  

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Another crisp morning as I made my into the Hartley trail system. -13F (-22 tundra) at our house with next to no wind, thankfully.
I will be working on getting my Tues. and Thurs. runs up to ninety plus minutes over the next month or so and this morning was a baby step in that direction from last week. I completed the standard loop and was heading out on the second loop where I ran into Chris and he pleasantly changed direction and ran me out on my loop. Being dressed in layers and having the ear buds in my ears there was little conversation... I think we both were just concentrating on getting the time in and looking forward to warmer days. Still, it sure makes a difference having a running companion along as the second lap was a breeze and soon enough we were on our own paths back to our own homes.
Another great run in Hartley.

Totals: 1:07:50   8.4 miles  (8:05 pace) 

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

I looked at the air temperature this morning and it read -12F (-24 on tundra therm.). I figured with those temps an easy recovery type run was doable. As I made my way to the Hartley trailhead I was fighting a constant headwind, the kind that takes your breath away. (later I would find out it was -32F windchill in duluth) Once I was in the woods it was "decent" but my eyelids kept freezing shut. Kinda annoying when you are running in the dark on single track trails. I'm almost certain I would have run on the treadmill this morning had I known the windchills but that just shows, sometimes not knowing the details works out. I finished the short loop feeling very refreshed!!

Totals: 41:36  5 miles

Sunday, January 25, 2009

OH DEER! It's Been A While

The title is referring to actual deer. I just read a couple of weeks ago that the "city bowhunt" was successful again, bagging 510+ deer within the city parks/limits. I believe it because it has been weeks since I actually saw a deer while running in Hartley. The tracks are plentiful but seeing the four legged beauty has been some time until today's run. I saw three out getting some sun and searching for food.
Today's run also marked a run that was near perfect. Something I haven't felt in some time. I dressed right. My heels were padded just right and I chose the right shoes. The trails... well I have mentioned every day this week how they have been. I did my standard loop out to the gasline and returned just to head out and do a shorter version to complete the run. If I may borrow a line from Don, it was a masterpiece!
Here is to great weeks to come.

Totals: 1:04:54   8.3 miles  (7:47 pace on trails!)

Weeks Totals: 32 miles (5 day)
Years Totals: 62miles

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sensitive Climbs

I patiently waited for the temps to approach zero before heading out the door for my run today. It was noon before that happened and I made my way to the Hartley trails and decided to see what they look like in the daylight.
I added the extra 1.75 miles of the guardrail loop to today's run and I found I needed to take it easy on the steep climbs as that much stretching of the heels really aggravated them. Great running though! I managed to take it easy most of  the way and listen to the new tunes I loaded on the new Nano my honey got me for Christmas. Good stuff!
Through the single track I would only run into one other runner and two more at the trailhead loading up on gels, as it looked like they might be heading out for another loop of a longer run. 

Totals:  59:09   7.1 miles   (8:20 pace)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Snow Blind

Heading out to the trails once again offered me the opportunity to escape some of the wind gusts that were brewing during the early morning hours. They say the negative wind chills will be smacking us in the face tomorrow.
I can't say it enough, but Hartley trails are just amazing this time a year. Yesterday the temps rose to the upper 20's and mountain bikers made the best of the day hitting the trails and in turn effed up several spots of single track, but for the most part the trails are very clean.
It was snowing like crazy during the narrowest part of the trail causing me to slow as I was almost getting snow blind from the headlamp shining in the snow.
Nothing special of the run, except I now hit two days in a row!!

Totals: 44:45   5.5 miles

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Repeat Trails

Took yesterday off to allow for some healing of the tissues. This morning I ran the same loop as Tuesday and managed to complete the loop within 10 seconds of last time running. Legs and feet for the most part feel good when I run. The heels are still very sore to touch, but with the padding I add running is doable. 
The trails in Hartley are amazing right now!!!

Some pictures of Lucas snowshoeing on the Hartley trails.

Totals: 46:06   5.5 miles

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Running With Caution

I ventured out to the Hartley trails but kept the pace easy and watched my steps closely. On the steep hills the achilles rub a bit too much, but other than that all systems area  go with added padding to the heels. My legs, (quads), are a bit sore, as I wonder if my form is off a bit from compensating my stride.?
I did all of the lower loops in Hartley, along with the nature center trails.

Totals:  46:16   5.5miles
cool temps 2F

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Miles Logged

It's been a long two weeks since the achilles fiasco. The first week progressively got worse and one week ago, and one from the injury, I was in a fair amount of pain. As the tissue was attempting to regenerate, I was constantly at war with how to treat the injury site. "Keep it covered, or keep it open to air." After a week of dressings with antibiotic ointments, I talked with one of my sports med doc friends and she said to air it out, especially at night. Once I started that the scabs formed and the real healing began. The point now is not to tear off the scabs and reverse the whole process. The other problem I am at war with is keeping my heels warm. Prior to this afternoon, I was wearing clogs. With the air temps in the -20F range, any trip to the car and work had my heels screaming with a burn for warmth. So now I sat with scabby heels and the desire to run.

The first layer on the heels would be some compeed, followed by a gauze wrap secured with athletic tape. The first pair of shoes I put on still rubbed too much. The second wasn't much better, but when I put on the trusty NB 790's all things would click. Up to the treadmill I went locked the pace in at 8:30's for the first mile. It was a bit tender but after that first mile I had the green light and made my way for the half hour mark. After settling the pace at 7:50's - 8:00's, I would get comfortable and make my first run in two weeks. Nothing special, but a run in the books and looking forward to more this week. Once I have confidence in not tearing the tissue again I will slowly get the mileage going.

On the topic of moving forward, I have officially entered the 2009 Grandma's Marathon. I have about 22 weeks to get ready. Ten of those will be easy, base building mileage and the last 11 or so will be marathon focus with hopefully a little help from a certain coach. We will have to check and see about that.
Here's to cool northeasters on June 20th!!!

Totals: 33:00   4.1 miles

Years Totals: 29.5 miles

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Test Run

I had the feeling that this mornings run might be abbreviated a bit and it was. I started off to do a loop and felt the left achilles rubbing a bit too much so I turned back home. Just as I made my way to the driveway things started to feel better. I grabbed the dog and made our way to UMD campus where the footing would be good and give us decent out and back. Just a little tenderness once things got warmed up and bumping up to 45 minutes tomorrow should be reasonable.

Totals: 25:00  3 miles (2+ mile with buddy)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dig Out and Day Off

Duluth got nailed again with a decent winter storm dumping a moderate 8-10" of fresh powder. After yesterday's fiasco with the achilles I needed to take today off. There just wasn't enough regeneration of achilles meat to allow my foot to slip into a normal shoe. As it was, yesterday I was forced to go out and purchase a pair of Merrill winter clogs just to avoid any heel friction. When I took the dressings off of my feet this morning I was pleasantly surprised how quick that tissue was clearing up. Just now quick enough. If I take care of them now, less hassle later.
I managed to get an easy hour of snow removal and heavy lifting this morning,  which has to worth something. We purchased some new skin "patches", they used to be called Compeed, but I think Band-Aid brand bought the rights now and they are pretty much the same product.  I will give them a try as soon as possible and report how they do. 

Totals: 1 hour plus of snow removal.

Weeks Totals: 46.7 miles 
Years Totals: 25.5 miles

Saturday, January 3, 2009

CAUTION... Not Easy on The Eyes!


(i encourage you to click on the image to get a nice, close look)

The week and year were off to a great start. (I've had this same story time and time again.) Then was today... 

Erik, and Chris were planning a nice snowshoe run from Erik's place and I figured it would be a nice way of getting in two hours of work and have great companionship as well. The first mistake I made was wearing socks I haven't worn snowshoeing before. The second mistake I made was omitting the snow gators. This would and will be the last time I ever make that mistake. The course was an out and back and had major elevation drop to the bottom of Lester Park. The turn was 6.2 miles. We stopped for a quick bathroom break, gels, and fluids and I realized my shoes were iced up completely on the back heel cups and I had frozen my achilles. I couldn't feel them anymore, which would be the only blessing  of the day, and I knew I needed to get back to a warm house and shower. Third mistake... should have walked to the closest phone and call the wife for a ride home at the turn.  The return trip, mostly uphill, went quite well and I never bonked or anything near, and had good energy through the climbs. Finishing, I felt very satisfied and was ready to mark the run on the blog and call it a day.

I can only imagine that I will have to take a few days off of running just from the rubbing. My achilles actually don't feel too bad when walking. I had to go purchase some new "winter clogs" to avoid the heel counter. They do sting a bit, especially in the shower! Damn...

Totals: 1:57:01  12.3 miles  (55:02 down/ 1:01:58 up)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Got The Snap

I repeated most of the trails that Erik, Chris and I ran yesterday but added another loop and some out and back on Hartley road. I was feeling quite good this morning and had a little "snap" in the legs. I can't say it enough, the Yak's are the best thing for those trails and soft roads. Sweet!
Super run making it almost an hour.

Totals: 58:42   7.2 miles  (8:09 pace)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Run

Chris, Erik and I ran an easy loop to the Hartley trails and back. A light dusting of snow on the firm trails offered a little extra grab around the corners, but I wore the Yak's just to make sure there wouldn't be any crashes on my part.
Since Chris and I rarely run in the daylight or with partners for that matter, we both agreed today's running was quite pleasant. After chatting about several race records to be broken and many stellar training workouts out on the web we decided that a lot of races may just come down to "others" out there. Time will tell...

Totals: 55:28   6 miles  (HR: 134)