Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Roller Coaster Illness

I have been on this roller coaster of a virus illness for over a month! I felt great all weekend and Monday morning felt like shit and thought I was going to use a sick day off work. Today was like a totally different person. I actually made it up out of bed and made a nice loop out to the cemetery and UMD campus. (I will call this loop the Cemetery-UMD loop) creative heh?
Felt great with no majors hitches.

Totals: 34:45 5+ miles

Monday no running or swimming.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

weeks review

I had good intentions but bad luck with health this week. I ended the week feeling much better. Let's hope the energy will carry into this next week.

Totals Week: 21 miles (4 runs)
Totals Year: 1570 miles

It's Tough Staying Away

Today was the second to last Fall NMTC trail race and I decided I needed to do it. If not as a 'race' than just as a run to be involved at a group setting. I had all the intentions of "just running up-tempo", that lasted all of 5 minutes and then I had to pass the next person in front of me and the next, next and so on. It was a three lap race and I wanted to run strong enough to pick up the pace the last loop. The trail was demanding in a couple of ways. It was wet. It was hard. These trails offer little for flats. It was running up the steeps or down the other side. By the middle of the second lap I knew I wasn't going to pick it up. I had a nice effort going and I would be happy keeping that pace and not allowing too many people pass me back. I made it in without anybody passing me back and had a blast. I am out of shape for racing, but my foot felt great, and I got to taste blood for just $1.00. You can check out the results at the 'Norhland Runner' web page link from my homepage.

Totals: 6.6 miles (2 people had GPS that showed this) 42:42

*does anybody else have trouble including links in text the is using a MAC?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Near Perfect!

I didn't run yesterday, bummed me out.

The run today was just wonderful, sunny, 50 degrees and almost dry trails. I did thirty minutes on the SHT and thirty on the roads which was a nice mix. I still have some form of a "bug" that has me blowing my yellow, mucousy, nose every other minute but I managed to feel pretty good while running. When I was in "good" marathon shape I did this similar out and back in 58 minutes. I added a small loop today and seemed to be running around the same pace as back then. I hit the turn around at 29:44, and added at the end. Overall a good run!

Totals: 1:02:09 8.5 miles

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just Get Out the Door

I went to a conference today instead of work and didn't get a workout in prior to it so I had to run after my wife in the pm. I called one of my buds and he was just getting ready to go himself. We did a nice rolling road loop that I miscalculated a bit short but I didn't mind, I just needed to get out the door and get a decent effort in.

Totals: 38:00 5.5 miles

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A New Week/ Same Plan

Things regarding the virus didn't get any better Mon. and Tuesday, and I told my wife that I would be calling the doctor Wed. if things weren't getting better. Well they did. I actually felt much better last night and had a good day today. My appetite is better and I had a real good run. That virus must have been with me for some time because my run today was better than any workout of the last three weeks! I didn't go that far but I wanted to test myself out and had a nice trail run in Hartley. When I got back on the roads for a bit I had good turn-over and felt strong in my stride. I am hoping this is the turning point!?

Totals: 32:30 4.5 miles trails

Sunday, October 21, 2007

end of week

What was supposed to be a "build up" week turned into a spiraled disaster with some new virus that once again kicked my butt. I had a good start to the week with some good runs and doubles counting swimming. Let's hope next week is better.

Totals: week 16 miles running/ 65 minutes swimming
Totals Year: 1549 miles

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Harvest Run

This morning I helped set up the inaugural Harvest Run which took place on the lake walk behind the Fitger's Brewery Complex. With all the rain we have been receiving it was a nice break to have clear, cool temps for the 5k, 1k kids, and tot's triathalon. For a first year event there were over 300 participants, exact numbers will be on the Northland Runner website off my homepage.
No running for me today, as I need another day to recover from the bug I had.
Totals: none today

Friday, October 19, 2007

There is A Reason

It wasn't in my head that I felt sluggish yesterday. I was battling a "bug" of some kind. I didn't get an afternoon run in because of the same tiredness, and I went to meet an old work partner for a happy hour beer and proceeded to get "sick". Not the kind of sick from too many beers, but the bone chilling, nauseated sick you feel with the flu or the like. My night at home consisted of running temps and bone chilling shivers. Now that I am up and had a cup of coffee or two, I do feel a bit better but still stuffed up and a slight headache. Not that anybody needs a discertation on my health, I guess I just need to write it down to justify a couple of days off.
Totals: None for today!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not Quite Right

Over the past week or so I have been waking up around 3am or so and lying in bed staring at the ceiling. I did this again last night and finally fell asleep at 4:30 just to have my alarm go off at 5:00. Anyway, I did't wake up until 6am and wanted to be in the pool at this time. I managed to get up and make it in the water by 6:25. I did the usual drills and swam laps for the remainder of the time. The whole time I just felt blahhh. The plan is to run a bit later.
Totals AM: 35:00 swim/drills

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bitter Sweet

I had the chance to run with my wife today, something that doesn't happen very often these days. The run was a bit bitter sweet because we don't get to run together often and I felt a bit off. We did a wet, muddy loop on the trails through Rock Hill, SHT, and Hartley. I had this overall feeling of being tired, not sore per say. In the end I got what I wanted...another run of over thirty minutes.

Totals: 42:43 ~ 5.5 miles

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pretending to Swim

I made it to the pool this morning for an early morning workout other than running. I have little skill when it comes to the pool but I like it anyway. The pool makes me feel tired in other ways than running, obviously right, but I think most runners can relate to that. Right now I don't allow myself to swim over half an hour to prevent any shoulder injuries...I don't need that.
If the day works out, I will run for half an hour this afternoon. My achilles feels really good right now. I am keeping my fingers crossed!
Totals AM: 30:00 drills and swimming

I had one chance to get an afternoon workout in and siezed the opportunity. I had just made Lucas some late lunch and gave him a nice handful of cheetos and jumped on the TM. It felt good right from the start and got better from there. I did a nice warm up mile and turned up the speed to 8.5 mph and grade of 1.5% (never run flat) for the remainder of the run. Just a short thirty minutes but very beneficial as I want to run a little everyday this week in addition to any cross training I do. After the run I did 3X 15 second striders at 5:30 pace. Overall I was satisfied with this effort. No achilles pain.

Total PM= 30:11 4.2 miles

Monday, October 15, 2007

Humbling Once Again

I posted yesterday that I haven't run over an hour since June. I managed to do that run quite easily but today I feel a bit different. The run was with Kooks and we went up to do the "Piggly Wiggly" loop. A nice ~6.5 mile loop that has some nice rolliing hills combined with flats. There is a point in this loop where it allows you to cut early and make it 4.5 but we decided to make the full loop. I didn't really get sore or totally fatigued but I was feeling yesterday's little hour run! I mentioned how amazing it is to loose "running" fitness. I have been "working out" 4-5 days a week through most of my rehab but nothing like I do when I am training for a race. We got back to the house and I was happy we got through the loop but quite disappointed in my fitness. What can I expect right?

Totals: 48:21 ~6.5 miles (a year or so ago we were doing this loop in 50:00 durning a long run so I guess I shouldn't be too pissed off)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Breaking an Hour

Unbelievable! I haven't ran over an hour since June if I remember correctly. I woke up this morning and my achilles felt really good so I decided to go for an hour. Erik and I did a nice trail loop through Rock Hill and hit the LSHT to Hartley trails and did the outer loop. Even with all the uneven surfaces of rocks and roots my foot felt really good!

My legs got a bit of the tired, heavy feeling the last 10 minutes or so, but that is expected. I am looking forward to this next week as I am on Vacation and will have a good oppportunity to up the running one more notch.

Totals: 8.5 miles 1:05:39
Weeks Totals: 26 miles running plus 30:00 swim
Years Totals: 1533 miles

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dangle The Carrot

There are times during a runners life when things are not going too well, due to a number of variables may it be injury, lack of motivation, sickness, or just resuming training after a big event. I have been stuck in one of those "ruts" since the mid summer due to an achilles injury. Just when you are ready to throw in the towel and call it quits, ( "it's just not worth it anymore") , you have one of those days that allows you to get out the door one more day.

I had one of those days today and I am thankful. Having three months of complete shit for training, I may be turning the corner and "chasing the carrot" for a little longer. That "carrot" for me remains to be my marathon breakthrough. I know I haven't had that day yet, I am just hoping it comes before my body looses the battle with age. It's inevitable that those days are nearing but I am not going down without a fight. As far a marathon running goes, my body has not been subjected to years and years of super high, pounding milage. To this day, my highest milage week is 93 miles, and that was in 1999. I think it would be safe to say that for my last three serious marathon attempts I may have averaged 65 miles per week, (i just need to dig out the old journals to do the math), and that produced the 2:41:43 at Grandma's 2006. So, having days like today I can keep the motivation up and get out the door another day. My legs felt light and fluid, and the achilles was good, and the breathing was swell too!

My plan for the rest of the fall is to SLOWLY creep up the milage and do some hill work in November, December. Take it easy for a couple of weeks and then ramp it up for the build up for Grandma's. Yes, I am doing Grandma's again despite the weather and all the chatter going around on other blogs. I don't like it either, but what are you going to do when you live in the town hosting such an event.

Totals: 35:10 ~ 5 miles

Friday, October 12, 2007

Progression in Baby Steps

Lying in bed I could feel that my right achilles was tight this morning. This made me feel like staying put right where I was. After a 45 minute snooze fest of the alarm I decided it was best to get up and evaluate the achilles and see if running was an option. Doing some stretches helped a lot and I made the decision to go out for a short loop. After a five minute warm up things started to feel a bit better, but far from "great". The cemetery loop is always a nice loop as it offers some decent altering terrain and minimal traffic. When I returned home my achilles wasn't noticable for any discomfort. NICE! Maybe I need to progress very slowly and keep up the exercises. My hopes are that as I progress in running the achilles will follow???

Tonight will be a first since I moved to Duluth in 1996. I am going to a UMD Bulldog vs. LSSU Lakers Hockey game. The only reason I am attending the game is the LSSU part. My alumnus from Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Go Lakers!

Totals: 28:47 4+ miles

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back on The Road...Kinda

I made it up this morning and headed out the door for an easy half hour or so. I did an out and back on West skyline. This was a very easy run as it stays flat with the exception of one hill. I continue to feel very tired with all my running, not sure if it's related to the long time off or something else. I will press on...

Reading Chad's blog I too was a bit energized by the sucess of some Minnesota runners and hope to carry that excitement into the winter. I am not too sure if I can stretch myself out to 100mpw but I am willing to try.

As a side note, I managed to walk about 5 miles last night measuring a course for next weekends St. Mary's Children Hospital 5k/1k runs.

Totals: 31:09 4.5 miles

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Damn Alarm!

So I was all excited to "overcome" the alarm clock this morning, one thing though, I forgot to set it and turn it on... I got up about an hour later than I wanted and missed my run. I did get out of bed and immediately got out the door and off to the pool. My original plan was to run for thirty minutes, pick up my bag and go to the pool for another thirty. I did get the pool work in and actually things are starting to feel pretty good. I did a series of "drills" and then swam laps (50 meters at a time) for the remainder of the time. I guess I will have to run tomorrow as my night is already filled with plans.

Totals: 30:00 swimming

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Attempting To Get Back- TM-Style!

It has been some time since I blogged...due to many different factors. I mentioned that my wife was quite sick for two weeks and now she is feeling much better. She actually contemplated going for a run today! I on the other hand continue to struggle with getting out of bed. I realize that all I have to do is get out of bed for one week and then it will become old habbit.

I didn't get out of bed this morning but I managed to get on the TM this evening for my first run in close to 2 weeks. The extra time has given my achilles some more time to heal and I think that time paid off as all felt fine durning my short run. After getting warmed up I dialed the treadmill to 8.5mph and kept it there for a total of 30 minutes. Amazing how fast one gets out of shape even in the setting of cross training.

I hope this is the beginning of my comback, as I really need this in my life at this time of year. If the next month or so goes well I should be able to start my serious base phase for next spring.

Totals: 30:00 4+ miles

On a side note, we got our New I-Mac yesterday...kicks ass!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Talk About Bad Luck

So the main reason for the absence in blogging is due to our family and health issues. Last Wednesday my wife woke up and unfortunately was in need of a trip to the ER. Six day's later she returned home. I feel so sorry for her, as she was just getting in decent shape, having run a 90 minute run mid week and a 2 hour run the prior weekend to getting sick. She will be back but now there is just another hurdle to get over. My week was shot, as I was making many trips to the hospital and keeping our son Lucas out of trouble, (he is 2 1/2 years).

I finally made it out today for a short trail run as Lucas and Kari took naps. It was quite warm for a October day, 74 degrees, and that made for a terrible run. I too think I have a sinus infection or the like because I just don't feel "out of shape", I feel sickly out of it??? Maybe next week will be better once I get back into the routine.

Good Luck to All who are chasing an Oly qualifier this weekend!!!!!!!!!

Totals: 4.5 miles
Years Totals: 1507 miles