Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vast Improvement

The last I wrote I made reference to finding that "next gear" in my legs. I am beginning to find it and with some additional workouts I hope to be able to feel it fully on September 9th. The weeks are going well and the workouts, albeit simple, seem to be working. It's amazing how quick your body responds when you stress it in a smart way. I take my recovery, and I take it well. Many of my easy days are 8:30 pace and I like it. When I have to run hard, I do. Let's hope this grand master plan unfolds like I wish and maybe, just maybe there is a PR in these legs just one more time.

Here is the last two weeks:

August 13-19th:

Monday: 57:50 headlamp run with Shune
Tuesday: Trackwork, 200,200,400 X 4 sets (35, 71sec.)
Wednesday: 40:00 easy
Thursday: 0 miles rest morning
Friday: 58:00, ladder workout: 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 min LT or faster paces
Saturday: 1:05:00 easy
Sunday: 1:35:00 easy

August 20-26th:

Monday: 1:02:00 headlamp run with Shune
Tuesday: 1:06:00 5 X 200 meters, 2 sets  (32-34 sec.)
Wednesday: 36:00 easy
Thursday: 41:00, cut-down run. last two miles 6:30, 6:00
Friday: 1:00:00  6 x 1 min at mile pace X 2 sets (4:40 down to 4:20 pace)
                         *course rolled so the faster paces were net downhill
Saturday: 1:11:00
Sunday: off 15 hour day at SuperiorMan Tri

Monday, August 13, 2012

Need More Zip

In two shorts weeks I feel amazingly better but still have a long way to go. My legs are definitely feeling more fresh but have another gear yet to be uncovered. (at least I hope there is a gear in there somewhere)

I have made it to the track twice and performed some LT work on the roads two times. To test the waters I made my way out to Esko to run the Kristin Burkholder 5K. The race was organized well from packet pickup to awards. For a small town race, this is a must do! I didn't really know what to expect out of my legs and lungs but once the gun goes off I have one thing on my mind. Get to the finish as fast as I can. For me that meant opening the race with a first mile of 5:19. It felt decent but I was breathing a bit too hard for my liking. The plan was to slow a bit the second mile but when I did it was followed by a burst of energy that told me to stride out and push a bit more. After pushing my way through a second mile in 5:19 (i didn't know this until after the race) I just ran on effort and pushed as hard as I could without going into oxygen debt. So, that resulted in a last mile of 5:20. Pretty consistent I must say myself. Final time: 16:32.  I left that race feeling satisfied with my overall effort and where I am with my training. *my training partner and good friend Dave Hypo ran a very solid race and finished 5th in 17:25. Speed play works!!

So, last week got me very motivated and ready to tackle the rest of the fall. I think with a few more weeks of speed then sharpening I should be able to crank out a decent mile come September 9th. After that, I plan to add some medium distance running and more LT work in preparation for a fall Half-Marathon.

Here is the remainder of the weeks training:

Saturday 4th: 9+ miles with Dave w/ 2 miles at 5:30 pace in middle.
Sunday 5th: 1:05 downtown run and hills

Weeks: 54 miles

August 6-12th:

Monday: recovery 45:48  ~6.5 miles
Tuesday: 1:15:00  200, 200, 800, X 3  (32, 2:27)
Wednesday: 40:00 easy miles
Thursday: 0 miles
Friday: 55:00 Kenwood miles
Saturday: 5K Race 16:32, 1:05:00 total running
Sunday: 1:04:00  Park Point

Weeks Total: ~47 miles
Years Total: 1251.6 miles

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Oval

I wrote last week that I was hoping the week and weekend would help springboard me into a fresh week and give me some momentum. It did not happen. Our family went camping and if I don't get out early to run it will not happen. Too many distractions. So, I decided to press on to this week and make good things happen. They have.

I managed to run every day this week and getting up to the sound of a 0440 alarm clock is becoming easier. (not much of a nightlife but oh well) The week consisted of mostly 50:00+ runs and two workouts. My first workout found me meeting fellow DRC runner Dave HYPO at the Central High track where we performed some short and fast repeats. They felt awful, as expected, but I know things will improve with each week.(I have not performed a true track session in years!)  On Thursday I did what should have been a LT workout but it turned out to be a much harder workout and I didn't like how it felt. AGAIN, they will become smoother with each week.

The weeks are flying bye and I have roughly a month to my first goal race of the late summer/fall racing season. I will be trying to set a personal best at the Grandma's Marathon Mile in September. I need a sub 4:34. I WANT a sub 4:30. If my workouts go as planned I will give myself a real possibility of accomplishing my goals.

This weekend will consist of a little faster paced running tomorrow and easy stuff both Sunday and next Monday.

Here's to setting a new PR!!

Thus far this week:

Monday: 52:00 easy miles
Tuesday: 55:00 *200,400,200 X 2 , plus 200, 100
                          :34's, 73's
Wednesday: 50:15 easy miles
Thursday: 57:00 w/ 15 minutes at 5:33 pace *way too tired for LT effort
Friday: 45:00 easy trail running. *Tischer Creek path is ravaged!