Saturday, December 21, 2013

End Of Season

The racing season/year is officially over. Last weekend I participated in the USATF Club XC Championships in Bend, OR. As expected, it was a very challenging course made of hills, turns, technical sections and one large climb that we encountered on each of the 5 laps we ran. I have to say it was one of the toughest courses I have run and the competition was fierce. I ran in the Masters division and placed 44th overall and our team placed 4th. A great time was had and we had wonderful weather!

I'm not too sure what the main culprit was, but I developed a side stitch mid-race and I never got rid of it. That has happened to me before in cross country races and I'm not sure why. It really seemed to come on with the pounding downhill sections. Had that not happened I'm thinking I could have placed about 15 or more places higher. Oh well, life goes on.

Besides the last race of the year, I will focus on getting my legs back and settling into a long base-phase of training starting next week. The plan is to slowly build up the miles and get 2 medium long efforts during the week and a longer effort on the weekends. I had a lower leg/ankle injury that was still nagging me so I have to make sure that get attended to and keep the legs, specifically hamstrings and low back in check.

Here is the last two weeks prior to Club XC.

NOV 25-DEC 1st
Gobble Gallop 5K = 16:22
Weeks Total: 69 miles

DEC 2-8th
first week of serious snow
had to hit the treadmill
did one workout of 10 X 1 min on/off @ 5:20 pace
90 minute run on weekend
Total: 51 miles

DEC 9-15th
Race Week!
easy running, striders on treadmill once
Race in Bend, slowwww 44th overall
Total: 29 miles

YEARS TOTAL: 2537 miles