Sunday, August 18, 2013

Trails Are Perfect- A Three Week Summary

I've managed to let three weeks pass again without any updates but here it goes.

I started to climb up in milage three weeks ago and managed to squeak into the 70's with a very decent long run on the trails of East Duluth. Lester is amazing and COGGS fail to disappoint. I finished the week tired and my hip flexors calling for help. I hit the big Gitch for an icing and that seemed to help some. Since I had been on a slow climb up in mileage, along with a little fatigue I decided to follow up the next week with a rest week.
I usually do three up weeks and follow with one down but my legs were calling for a little help so I gave it to them. I've learned at an older age to listen to my body a bit closer and usually i work out the kinks quickly.

After last weeks easy running and beer slug fest on Sunday, I managed to buckle down and work on gaining some volume once again. Rising out of bed at 0430 is tough and now I have to limit my snooze alarms because I have to get out the door to allow myself the time to get in the volume I desire. That's been the only bummer in this quest. I knew it was coming, but boy did it approach quickly. I am referring to the morning darkness. It is now officially headlamp season and I will wear a headlamp until next spring on most of my weekly morning runs. The summer daylight left me too soon. This weeks running went about as well as I could have asked and I will attempt to have another similar week. The highlights of the week were a hill climbing session at Chester Bowl. Loops up and down the creek trails will be one of my staple workouts for the next three or four weeks. The other two highlights were a 6 X 1000 meter LT repeats on the track and this mornings 3 hour run. It's my first three hour run in quite some time and I had a very nice mix of roads and trails. My legs responded nicely and my stomach accepted the nutrients I gave it so I am pleased with that. Getting in the proper energy and actually having your stomach accept it is half the battle.

I hope you all are having excellent health and training. Shoot for the stars!

Here are my last 6 weeks milage per week:
61, 53, 64, 73, 55, 79

Week July 29th-Aug 4
Total= 73 miles

Week Aug 5-11 *rest week
Total= 55 miles

Week Aug 12-18
Total= 79 miles

YEARS TOTAL: 1679 miles