Sunday, September 29, 2013

Be Thankful and NEVER Give Up the Fight

The last few weeks of running have been moving along nicely. I've been on a constant climb in mileage since my little set-back in early September. I had good fitness at the time of the injury and I knew if was patient, listened to my body, I would come out of it in decent position for my race in early October.

 Going through an injury is never fun. It's really easy to get in a grind of negative thoughts and feelings. The thought of all the hard work one puts into these events and all the thoughts of "getting out of shape" are a constant battle mentally. The one thing I try to surround myself with is positive energy. I read tons of running news and articles. Sounds like it would bum a person out being injured but I find it to work in the opposite way. I see how others are doing and I make a deal with myself to get back at it as soon as I can. I also have a loving wife and child, as well as excellent running partners that keep me going in positive ways. I have sucked up all that energy and I now find myself sitting pretty decent heading into next weekend. Such a lovely place to be...

I was running some single-track this morning, getting some fresh, sunny air, as my head needed a good ol fashion fog-clearing diet, as I may have made just one too many "trips to the canoe" last night at a friends wedding reception. (those of you that were there know exactly what I am referring to) At any rate, it was amazing as to how great I actually felt. I mean, yesterday I had my last longerish type run of 2 hours and I felt like complete shit after 70 minutes. I had all I could do to get back home to the barn. This morning was just the opposite. I had fresh legs and the desire to crank out some serious miles. I held myself back and enjoyed the feeling of bottled-up energy. That is also a good feeling.

This got me thinking how beginners or even general population people that are trying to get back into shape, or trying to loose some extra weight, often get lost in the battle of will. There are many people that can keep at it and make the progress they desire. There are many that start and soon fall victim to the demands of daily "life" and quit. If you go to any local gym or YMCA I am betting that the drop-off rates are very high after a month or two from initial sign-up. But, if there is any hope of making your goal it is necessary to push through some rough days as well as heading out to do what activity you do on days where you want to rest. Rest is good, but being lazy is another thing. Don't be afraid to try. I have reflected on this topic in the past and I am going to bring it up again. One never knows what kind of performance their body is going to have unless you get going and try. Give your body a chance and tell your mind, the one that's telling you to take a day off, to go bother someone else. You need to try. Some days I head out and think that I will only go a mile or two. That's ok. I try and soon I am returning home with 7-8 miles in the books.  Now I'm not saying all this just to brag or say, "hey, look at me I never take a day off." It's not that at all. I am writing all this to give you an idea that you just have to go out and try and somedays you are going to feel on top of the world. YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THAS FEELING. It's a feeling that keeps me going every day and I want you to experience this as well. Get out there and bust a good one!

Here are my last two weeks. I will post a race summary and maybe some pics of the race when I return. My banner photo on my blog is an excellent picture of where I am running. It's going to be amazing...

September 16-22nd
*great week. 6 runs with long 3:50:00 run(24 miles) on Sunday
Total: 62 miles

September 23-29th
super week. legs are good. 7 runs
Sa/Su 2hr/1:20 weekend
Total: 64 miles

Years Total: 1998 miles

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Minor Setback- Still Have Time

I managed to have a great month of August for training and in the end it got me. Snuck up on me and bit me before I knew what was happening. I thought I had such a good handle on my body and the feedback it was giving me. Then, without notice, I was on a long run and within 4 steps I went from head up and smiles to a limping, gimpy achilles scorching halt. I had a feeling of fire along my lateral ankle bone and a very spasmed lateral calf muscle. What the hell just happened? I sat and stretched and it helped minimally. I spent the rest of the next week with minimal to no running trying to ice the ball of muscle in my calf. This last week was only slightly better and I managed to jog every day but nothing special. Oh, and I had to stop every run to stretch out my hamstring in order to finish the runs. Finally on Thursday I made it into the Chiro and had some work done that made my stride and back feel much better. I'm still not 100% but I think I have a good lead on a hibernating hamstring issue. Lots of stretches and my run this morning was the best I've had in two weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I really need this to go away so I can focus on my trail run coming up in three weeks. Please...

August 19-25
Week: 63 miles

August 26-Sept 1
Week: 75 miles

Sept 2-8
Week: 9 miles

Sept 9-15
Week: 46 miles *trying to get back at it

1872 miles