Sunday, September 15, 2013

Minor Setback- Still Have Time

I managed to have a great month of August for training and in the end it got me. Snuck up on me and bit me before I knew what was happening. I thought I had such a good handle on my body and the feedback it was giving me. Then, without notice, I was on a long run and within 4 steps I went from head up and smiles to a limping, gimpy achilles scorching halt. I had a feeling of fire along my lateral ankle bone and a very spasmed lateral calf muscle. What the hell just happened? I sat and stretched and it helped minimally. I spent the rest of the next week with minimal to no running trying to ice the ball of muscle in my calf. This last week was only slightly better and I managed to jog every day but nothing special. Oh, and I had to stop every run to stretch out my hamstring in order to finish the runs. Finally on Thursday I made it into the Chiro and had some work done that made my stride and back feel much better. I'm still not 100% but I think I have a good lead on a hibernating hamstring issue. Lots of stretches and my run this morning was the best I've had in two weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I really need this to go away so I can focus on my trail run coming up in three weeks. Please...

August 19-25
Week: 63 miles

August 26-Sept 1
Week: 75 miles

Sept 2-8
Week: 9 miles

Sept 9-15
Week: 46 miles *trying to get back at it

1872 miles

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