Saturday, February 28, 2009


Thursday: 0 miles

Friday: 0 miles

Made a nice loop out to twin ponds with Erik. The roads were still a bit slick in spots but decent. The temps into the wind were negative wind chill and coming home I was uncomfortably hot. Just no making me happy today. Legs were OK. Hoping tomorrows long run goes well and finishes off a dismal week in a good way. Looking forward to better weather, though we will not get it tomorrow morning, more negative wind chills.

Totals: 1:07:00  9 miles  (7:34 pace) 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slick Six

The roads were glazed with a light layer of ice this morning causing a little extra caution. That was OK with me as it was a recovery/ easy day for me. I took Buddy again on our six mile loop that includes a short section of the state snowmobile trail. He sure is enjoying the runs. Felt good and managed to keep the HR fairly low.

Totals: 48:18     6 miles  (8:03 pace)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No Music For You!

Today was a medium distance day. The goal mileage of the medium distance run will be 13-15 miles once up to peak mileage. This week will be a repeat of last as I would like to hold the mileage for another week before bumping up again.

I don't do it often but I wanted some music to accompany me through the darkness this morning. The Nano I just got for Christmas had a zapped battery. Good thing I have a back up. Plugged in and out the door I went only to have the music stop within four miles. Damn... no more tunes!

My route was out and back to Enger tower. Clear streets with minimal snow to deal with sure was nice and it allowed me a decent effort. I am back to monitoring the HR's on specific runs just to insure I don't over run them. Legs felt quite a bit better today and will benefit from another day of leg exercises and stretching.

Totals: 1:10:48   10.1 miles  HR: 138   (6:59 pace)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Out The Door

That was all I kept thinking this morning when I was laying in bed contemplating the run. I knew once my feet hit the floor and I made my way downstairs things would improve. They did once again.
I took Buddy with again as he is enjoying the MWF gig. Out to Vermilion and trails across to J. Duluth and back to the house. Slow and easy was the goal.

Totals: 45:20   5.5 miles   (8:10's?)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Hood

This mornings run was from Jeremy's house along with four others. Nobody in the group wanted to do many hills so we ran east through the neighborhoods of west Duluth and the friendly 'west end'. For some, this area is termed the hood, while others say it's just another street or avenue. At any rate, 8 am offers little excitement on most streets on a Sunday morning.
My legs were feeling the effects of yesterday's run with all the slipping on the snotty streets. It was my fault though, as I didn't stretch a bit yesterday, and that is  a major part of my routine. I may have to deal with tight hamstrings that I am sure will respond to some stretching and a short recovery day tomorrow and look forward to another week of similar mileage before bumping up again.

Totals: 2:00:00    ~16+ miles 
*forgot the watch/gps

Weeks Totals: 65 miles
Years Totals: 265 miles

Saturday, February 21, 2009

General Aerobic Run

I managed to hook up with fellow running pals Chris and Erik for my run. The plan calls for eight easy, but that is always negotiable. After a short road warm up we hit the snowmobile trails, which were not as good as last weekend, and made our way to 7 Bridges Rd. and meandered down to Superior street. Once on the single track through lakeside we made our way to Tischer creek trails and up returning to my house. This is where I called it a day for "recovery". 
Legs felt pretty decent and should bounce back for tomorrows long run. 

Totals: 1:24:40   10.5 miles    (8:05 pace)

Friday, February 20, 2009


Scroll back to Wednesday and that was the workout. Easy miles with the dog. He sure loves being back in the woods and smelling every track on the ground.
My legs felt quite well and seem to be adjusting to the volume. 
Good recovery run.

Totals:  46:00  6 miles

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Frozen Ten

This was one of those days where you do what you got to do and be done with it. I went west on Skyline around Enger Tower and returned home. I didn't have the GPS on so I was running on frozen effort. Legs felt fair, about a 7/10, if I had to rate them. Just a little fatigued feeling. (i would later find out the pace was a bit quicker than usual)
Decent run and I'm glad I didn't wimp out.

Totals: 1:11:10   10 miles

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mans Best Friend

It's been quite some time since I had a decent run with our dog Buddy. With this mornings scheduled "easy" run and a fresh blanket of snow I couldn't leave him behind. We ran the backroads of Vermilion and snowmobile trails to Jean Duluth Rd. Buddy did quite well for his first serious run in some time and probably will sleep well today.
My legs felt fresh and very light. Quite a nice feeling since the last couple days I had that fatigued feeling. Looking forward to tomorrows medium-long run.

Totals: 48:00   6 miles (8:00's)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

48 Hours?

I was planning on doing a schedule of Sunday long, Tuesday and Thursday medium long. Maybe because I just started to increase the volume, or maybe I need the extra day after my Sun. long run, but I may need to shift the medium days to Wednesday and Friday. I ran out west on Skyline and had a bit of the "dead legs" after eight miles. Maybe I need to eat more in the evening or have a gel with me in the mornings? Other than fatigue the body felt pretty decent and is adjusting to the volume increase rather well.

Totals:  1:13:20   10.1 miles   

Monday, February 16, 2009

Keepin' it Easy

This mornings route was up Woodland Ave.  to Pleasant View and home via Vermilion. This is a staple "recovery" loop for me in the past and it serves its purpose well.
I kept the pace slow, and easy to allow the aches and pains to stay at bay.
My right lower calf and left hip flexor was a bit tight, but everything else was clicking pretty well.

Totals: 50:24   6.5 miles  (7:42 pace)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sore Cankles... Fabulous Run

The temperature read 7F and the skies were open to the sun. This would be the perfect time of the season to run snowmobile trails. For some, this may sound boring, but it is far from that. The trails in northern MN are very hilly, constant rollers, and offer some gorgeous vistas along with hidden woods that are only accessible this time of year. I couldn't find any takers to join me on this venture so off I went solo.
For some reason, I didn't want to run out and back to the house, so I had my wife pick me up at the bottom of Lester Park. The only thing I had to do was to add some mileage prior to heading down the park. This was accomplished by heading north on the state trail out of town. I can't say it enough... the trails were near perfect! I guessed on my turn around and made my way to the bottom of Lester. Some of the trail that get a lot of foot traffic near Lester were in terrible shape since last weeks rain, but that was only a mile or so, otherwise wonderful.

Totals: 1:50:26   14.7 miles  (7:31 pace)

Weeks Totals: 42 miles
Years Totals: 200 miles

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Catching Up

There seems to be a nagging "back issue" going around the running community. I talked to a few folks that had some back spasms, and one in particular that hasn't ran since Christmas... ouch!! Well, I got a bit of the back spasms myself and took Tuesday and Wednesday off. I got a Chiropractor adjustment Wed. morn and now things seem to be working quite well.

This was the first real morning of icy roads and I paid the price. Just a short loop to get out and get the legs moving. Maybe the ice was a good thing as it forced me to keep it slow. 
Totals: 5 miles  42:30  (8:30 pace  icy)

I got up a bit late but still managed to get an hour run in. Out west on Skyline and back. Ran into one of my morning running pals and ran a couple of miles with him. Felt really good and finally all seems to be clicking. Legs are coming around and adjusting to the roads quite well.
Totals:  8.1 miles   (7:17 pace)

Up and out the door before 8am. Needed to get done as the wife was doing her long run today. Wow, finally my legs are back and man did I want to crank it out! I didn't and forced myself to an "easy" pace of 7:30's and even made my way on the snowmobile trails as the cooler temps are offering the trails to firm up and be stellar for running. I may do my long run out there tomorrow if the temps stay the same.
Super energy today and I hope this is an indication of the recent training catching up and now I will be ready to progress.
Totals: 8.8 miles  (7:30 pace)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dull Aches

I woke up with my back a little sore as well as tired legs. The good tired though. After a little warm up things got better and I was able to enjoy the trails of Hartley once again. I couldn't help think that may be one of my last "winter" runs on the trails for some time as the weather calls for a bit of rain today and tomorrow.
One loop and I called it good. (right calf tight, right lower thoracic sore)

Totals: 46:39   5.5 miles

Sunday, February 8, 2009

West Skyline/ Proctor

I made my way out to Jeremy's place this morning for an easy ninety minutes. We, along with Jay, made our way up to West Skyline and into Proctor before looping back and running with the wind along Skyline once again. I wasn't too sure what the legs would feel like since I have just increased my overall volume this week, and they felt decent.
A good, sunny run working towards a real "long" run in the coming weeks.

Totals: 1:27:30   11 miles

Weeks Totals: 55 miles (54.7)
Years Totals: 158 miles

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Enger Loop

Erik and I ran the 'Enger Loop' from my house this morning under clear, sunny skies with little  to no breeze. Temps in the low thirties and clear roads would offer us unimaginable conditions for Feb. in Duluth.
This is the first real 'pavement' run I have done in some time. My legs felt a bit tired at the end but I made sure I hit the kitchen right away and refueled to prepare for tomorrows medium distance run.
A great start to a great weekend.

Totals: 1:13:39   10 miles   (7:25 pace)

Friday, February 6, 2009


I skipped the am easy run because of a tight, spasm in my mid-back. I did a few stretches and made my way to work. 
In the afternoon, my back started to loosen up and having my day end a half hour early, I made the most of it and scurried home and jumped on the treadmill for an easy half hour. My back felt pretty decent and so did my heels. The heels felt the best they have since the "incident".

Totals: 30:00   4 miles  (treadmill 7:40 pace with 3 X 30 second striders at 5:40's)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Legs of Lead

Couldn't stand the thought of dressing for -20F wind chills again so I hit the treadmill for an easy recovery run. Kept the HR near 130 at a pace of 8:00's.

Totals: 40:00   5 miles

This morning was back to the trails for a two loop run that left my legs feeling very heavy. Actually, right from the door the legs felt sluggish. I guess I will chalk it up to one of those days related to the increase in mileage and consistency. 
The trails are still in good shape and are turning a bit hard and icy in spots. This weeks will more than likely kill the trails, as the daytime temps will be hovering near the low 30's. No other headlamps to talk to this morning... just one deer that refused to move off the trails.

Totals: 1:18:08   9.6 miles

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


That's the only way to describe how I felt on my run this morning. Dressing this morning I figured I had on all the correct layers but, I must have had a defect in something because I literally froze. My hands never warmed up, my legs were tolerable, but my upper body froze. 
I did the trusty Hartely single track loops and after the first one, I had all I could do to talk myself into a second loop. (didn't see any other headlamps out there this morning to help motivate me???) Once I made the mental decision to hit the second loop I immediately felt a burst of energy and efficiency in my stride. Crazy how the mind can mess with you.
Happy with this effort in yet another sub zero morning.

Totals: 1:18:07   9.6 miles   (8:07 pace trails)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Take It To The Woods

With drastic changes in the weather, temps this morning were 3F with wind gusts, I once again relied on the trusty trails of Hartley for my easy recovery type day.
I felt pretty good and should be ready for another cold medium run tomorrow.


Totals: 45:20    5.5 miles

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not Quite Long

I managed to get another run on the treadmill at my parents house as running outside was not much of an appealing option with all the snow, wind and snowmobiles.
As I ran on the treadmill for the second day in a row I had plenty of time to think about where my current training is going. For the short term, I would like to focus on running seven days a week, and making the Tuesday, Thursday medium runs longer, and the Sunday long run happen. That's the goal for this upcoming week. 

Totals: 1:10:30   9.3 miles

Weeks Totals: 41 miles
Years Totals: 103 miles