Saturday, February 14, 2009

Catching Up

There seems to be a nagging "back issue" going around the running community. I talked to a few folks that had some back spasms, and one in particular that hasn't ran since Christmas... ouch!! Well, I got a bit of the back spasms myself and took Tuesday and Wednesday off. I got a Chiropractor adjustment Wed. morn and now things seem to be working quite well.

This was the first real morning of icy roads and I paid the price. Just a short loop to get out and get the legs moving. Maybe the ice was a good thing as it forced me to keep it slow. 
Totals: 5 miles  42:30  (8:30 pace  icy)

I got up a bit late but still managed to get an hour run in. Out west on Skyline and back. Ran into one of my morning running pals and ran a couple of miles with him. Felt really good and finally all seems to be clicking. Legs are coming around and adjusting to the roads quite well.
Totals:  8.1 miles   (7:17 pace)

Up and out the door before 8am. Needed to get done as the wife was doing her long run today. Wow, finally my legs are back and man did I want to crank it out! I didn't and forced myself to an "easy" pace of 7:30's and even made my way on the snowmobile trails as the cooler temps are offering the trails to firm up and be stellar for running. I may do my long run out there tomorrow if the temps stay the same.
Super energy today and I hope this is an indication of the recent training catching up and now I will be ready to progress.
Totals: 8.8 miles  (7:30 pace)

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nwgdc said...

I seem to avoid the back spasms/aches...being a chiro myself, a weekly adjustment is part of my lifestyle...not all are as lucky. Good to hear things are doing better!