Tuesday, February 3, 2009


That's the only way to describe how I felt on my run this morning. Dressing this morning I figured I had on all the correct layers but, I must have had a defect in something because I literally froze. My hands never warmed up, my legs were tolerable, but my upper body froze. 
I did the trusty Hartely single track loops and after the first one, I had all I could do to talk myself into a second loop. (didn't see any other headlamps out there this morning to help motivate me???) Once I made the mental decision to hit the second loop I immediately felt a burst of energy and efficiency in my stride. Crazy how the mind can mess with you.
Happy with this effort in yet another sub zero morning.

Totals: 1:18:07   9.6 miles   (8:07 pace trails)


Patrick said...

Hey, we got 24" in 6 hours yesterday and I'll take that over the frigid cold any day. You're a braver man than I.

Gregg said...

Holy Shit!! Are you serious? I was at my parents this weekend and on sunday it turned to near white-out conditions in less than an hour...
20 miles away it was sunny and clear.
At least if we had that much snow I wouldn't have to worry about running outside, as it isn't much of an appealing option as I found out this past weekend.

Nicole said...

Yikes...you're scaring me. I'm just starting to train for my first HM. January has been brutal nothing above 20F. So - I'm just getting outside. It's 16F feels like 3F w/wind chill right now..- but if you can do 9.6 surely I can muster up what's on my training schedule!!

I was hoping February would bring temps above 20F - can we really have another entire month of it?

Gregg said...

which 1/2 are you doing? if your half is anywhere near summer, you are doing the right thing by starting now. too many people wait until late march or april then start... way too late.

hope it goes well.