Saturday, February 7, 2009

Enger Loop

Erik and I ran the 'Enger Loop' from my house this morning under clear, sunny skies with little  to no breeze. Temps in the low thirties and clear roads would offer us unimaginable conditions for Feb. in Duluth.
This is the first real 'pavement' run I have done in some time. My legs felt a bit tired at the end but I made sure I hit the kitchen right away and refueled to prepare for tomorrows medium distance run.
A great start to a great weekend.

Totals: 1:13:39   10 miles   (7:25 pace)

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wildknits said...

Running in my neighborhood! ;->

wish I could have gotten out this morning as the weather is less lovely now, but had a meeting. Will head west from the Enger area out to Oneota. have been seeing much of the roads/pavement of late, less of trails due to my work schedule.