Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vast Improvement

The last I wrote I made reference to finding that "next gear" in my legs. I am beginning to find it and with some additional workouts I hope to be able to feel it fully on September 9th. The weeks are going well and the workouts, albeit simple, seem to be working. It's amazing how quick your body responds when you stress it in a smart way. I take my recovery, and I take it well. Many of my easy days are 8:30 pace and I like it. When I have to run hard, I do. Let's hope this grand master plan unfolds like I wish and maybe, just maybe there is a PR in these legs just one more time.

Here is the last two weeks:

August 13-19th:

Monday: 57:50 headlamp run with Shune
Tuesday: Trackwork, 200,200,400 X 4 sets (35, 71sec.)
Wednesday: 40:00 easy
Thursday: 0 miles rest morning
Friday: 58:00, ladder workout: 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 min LT or faster paces
Saturday: 1:05:00 easy
Sunday: 1:35:00 easy

August 20-26th:

Monday: 1:02:00 headlamp run with Shune
Tuesday: 1:06:00 5 X 200 meters, 2 sets  (32-34 sec.)
Wednesday: 36:00 easy
Thursday: 41:00, cut-down run. last two miles 6:30, 6:00
Friday: 1:00:00  6 x 1 min at mile pace X 2 sets (4:40 down to 4:20 pace)
                         *course rolled so the faster paces were net downhill
Saturday: 1:11:00
Sunday: off 15 hour day at SuperiorMan Tri

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