Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dig Out and Day Off

Duluth got nailed again with a decent winter storm dumping a moderate 8-10" of fresh powder. After yesterday's fiasco with the achilles I needed to take today off. There just wasn't enough regeneration of achilles meat to allow my foot to slip into a normal shoe. As it was, yesterday I was forced to go out and purchase a pair of Merrill winter clogs just to avoid any heel friction. When I took the dressings off of my feet this morning I was pleasantly surprised how quick that tissue was clearing up. Just now quick enough. If I take care of them now, less hassle later.
I managed to get an easy hour of snow removal and heavy lifting this morning,  which has to worth something. We purchased some new skin "patches", they used to be called Compeed, but I think Band-Aid brand bought the rights now and they are pretty much the same product.  I will give them a try as soon as possible and report how they do. 

Totals: 1 hour plus of snow removal.

Weeks Totals: 46.7 miles 
Years Totals: 25.5 miles

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