Thursday, January 22, 2009

Repeat Trails

Took yesterday off to allow for some healing of the tissues. This morning I ran the same loop as Tuesday and managed to complete the loop within 10 seconds of last time running. Legs and feet for the most part feel good when I run. The heels are still very sore to touch, but with the padding I add running is doable. 
The trails in Hartley are amazing right now!!!

Some pictures of Lucas snowshoeing on the Hartley trails.

Totals: 46:06   5.5 miles


Kurt said...

get that kid ready for next years snowshoe marathon !!! He looks like a natural.

P.S. did you get my note on the NB 790 going away ? Stock up if you love them. I did.

Gregg said...

yah, he really like hitting the trails. made over a mile and a half.
I did get your message about the 790's. That's too bad. What are Kyle and Anton going to do????
They are still pretty expensive on the web. For a clearance shoe I would have expected to pay less.