Sunday, January 25, 2009

OH DEER! It's Been A While

The title is referring to actual deer. I just read a couple of weeks ago that the "city bowhunt" was successful again, bagging 510+ deer within the city parks/limits. I believe it because it has been weeks since I actually saw a deer while running in Hartley. The tracks are plentiful but seeing the four legged beauty has been some time until today's run. I saw three out getting some sun and searching for food.
Today's run also marked a run that was near perfect. Something I haven't felt in some time. I dressed right. My heels were padded just right and I chose the right shoes. The trails... well I have mentioned every day this week how they have been. I did my standard loop out to the gasline and returned just to head out and do a shorter version to complete the run. If I may borrow a line from Don, it was a masterpiece!
Here is to great weeks to come.

Totals: 1:04:54   8.3 miles  (7:47 pace on trails!)

Weeks Totals: 32 miles (5 day)
Years Totals: 62miles

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