Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sensitive Climbs

I patiently waited for the temps to approach zero before heading out the door for my run today. It was noon before that happened and I made my way to the Hartley trails and decided to see what they look like in the daylight.
I added the extra 1.75 miles of the guardrail loop to today's run and I found I needed to take it easy on the steep climbs as that much stretching of the heels really aggravated them. Great running though! I managed to take it easy most of  the way and listen to the new tunes I loaded on the new Nano my honey got me for Christmas. Good stuff!
Through the single track I would only run into one other runner and two more at the trailhead loading up on gels, as it looked like they might be heading out for another loop of a longer run. 

Totals:  59:09   7.1 miles   (8:20 pace)


wildknits said...

Thought that might have been you passing by at the trail head! Only one of us was gearing up. She had run 9 already and I was meeting her for my 6-7. ;->

Glad your heels are healing. Lovely run today. We saw no other runners, a few dogwalkers and two bikers.

Gregg said...

That's the beauty of Hartley. The parking lot can be full of cars and you might see two or three people.
I love it!

wildknits said...

True of so many trails in duluth. Piedmont comes to mind (closer to home).

Plus you can tell fewer folks venture far onto the guardrail loop, became less packed down the further out we got ;->