Friday, January 23, 2009

Snow Blind

Heading out to the trails once again offered me the opportunity to escape some of the wind gusts that were brewing during the early morning hours. They say the negative wind chills will be smacking us in the face tomorrow.
I can't say it enough, but Hartley trails are just amazing this time a year. Yesterday the temps rose to the upper 20's and mountain bikers made the best of the day hitting the trails and in turn effed up several spots of single track, but for the most part the trails are very clean.
It was snowing like crazy during the narrowest part of the trail causing me to slow as I was almost getting snow blind from the headlamp shining in the snow.
Nothing special of the run, except I now hit two days in a row!!

Totals: 44:45   5.5 miles


wildknits said...

Just a note: the bikers play a huge role in maintaining the trail - building bridges and rerouting/adding trail.

Always gracious when passing...

I am glad to share the trail with them. Not sure that the trails would be as well packed if it was up to just runners.

Gregg said...

Very good point, and I do agree... but, as you know a few rotten apples spoil the whole bunch. (this is more apparent in the wet seasons as many morons do not stay out when they should)

the comment was in reference to skinny bike tracks effing up some single track that was good the day before. just a result of someone having fun and getting some exercise. no slam intended.

Thanks for commenting on the blog.

wildknits said...

Whatever happened to the IMBA Code?!?

As a biker, runner, retired naturalist (at Hartley among other places) I am always amazed at the bikers that give the rest of the group a bad name. But there are always , as you said, a few bad apples.

The local colleges could do a better job of educating their students about MTB ethics as they direct them to area trails. But there are always a few who think it is all about the mud and don't look at the long term impact.

Guess that could be said of trail runners in some cases too. ;->