Saturday, April 11, 2009


It can be difficult getting in miles at my old home town. During this time of the year the trails are closed and the roads, well, let's just say the scenery is limited. I ran to town and did a complete outer loop and had to make a loop on the old high school track before making my way back out to the house. I didn't feel all that great today. No pep. My HR seemed to be up and I didn't feel very fluid. Tomorrow's long run will be a bit of an effort just to get the miles in solo. I guess you can call it my mental workout for the month.

Total: 1:11:41 10 miles (HR 139 7:10 pace)

In order to attempt to get out of town early after work to head to my parents I worked the early shift which made the morning a little rushed. All I had to do was squeeze in an easy hour and get some stretches done to call it 'recovery'. Accomplished. Ran up to Kenwood and did a loop out to Rice Lake and finished via Skyline Blvd.

Totals: 57:07 7.7 miles (HR 130 7:26 pace)

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