Tuesday, April 21, 2009

House of Virus

Last Thursday my four year old son had what seemed to be a case of the flu. Late in that night and the next morning I joined him with the exception of no vomit or other. (he did) Fast forward to Sunday afternoon and my wife gets hit with it. Many trips to empty her stomach over the next twenty four hours would leave me feeling quite vulnerable. Yesterday I had to take a zero just to keep Lucas out of her way and keep him occupied after work. It bummed me out initially but a day of rest can be good as well.

This morning I decided to take a day of easy running and focus on the 'workout' tomorrow. Out on windy Skyline around Enger tower and back to the house would give me a good ten miler. One small problem arose at the end of Sunday's long run and I will have to closely monitor it as it returned this morning as well. My right lower calf is tightening up at the end of the runs. I did a good set of stretches and will focus some more on it today and after work.

Totals: 1:12:45   10.1 miles  

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