Sunday, April 5, 2009

Solid Weekend

First sunny day I was able to run in quite a long time. I could feel the vitamin D soaking in! I wanted to run an easy 75 minutes and not run any terrain I do Mon-Fri. Making my way out to upper Glenwood Avenue I ran easy until upper Lakeside and meandered my way to 58th avenue east to make my way to London road and Lake Walk before heading up the hills home. My legs never quite joined me this run as I felt a bit heavy the entire way. Just one of those days to say you were happy just to log the time.

Total: 1:18:36   10.6 miles  ( 7:24 pace)
*HR monitor messed up. will change the battery in the strap.

I was to log near 16-18 miles for the morning at a relatively easy pace. Accomplished. After joining the group out at Jeremy's house we ran the western waterfront trail for just a bit before running RR tracks to Morgan Park. From there we made our way through Gary and ran just about to the Oliver bridge before turning and tracing our steps back to the house and adding a small loop to get our time. I felt much better than yesterday and the pace was very comfortable. The sun was out and it was  a wonderful way to end the week.

Total: 2:10:00   17.2 miles  (HR 133  ~7:35 pace)

Weeks Totals: 71 miles
Years Totals: 631.7 miles

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