Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Repeat Monday

Nothing special about recovery days unless you see something exciting. None of that for me. Seems like cougars are in the news lately. I got an email showing three cougars in Michigan's Upper Peninsula  in the woods that had taken down a deer and were having a feast. Then in the news yesterday, the cougar siting in Spooner, WI seems to be causing quite the discussion. I remember three or four years ago there was a cougar siting near UMD in one of the parks. Soon after on one of my runs in Hartley I came upon something that quickly disappeared into the brush making next to no noise and all I did see was a flash of light brown and a tail. I believe that was my cougar siting, albeit not a very good one but I would bet the farm on it.
This mornings run would take me out to Martin Rd. and return on Vermilion. Legs were a bit tired on the climbs but once I got home and did a good series of stretches they felt loose and recovered. That's a good feeling!

Totals: 57:34   7.7 miles   (HR 133   7:33 pace)

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