Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Error in Judgement?

The early week 'workout' was supposed to be Tuesday with the option of moving it during the week to allow maximum recovery from the weekend. I was a little busy with the house sickness on Monday so I adjusted and ran easy on Tuesday and did the workout this morning. I woke up early because I knew it would be 90-100 minutes for the entire workout. It took me near an hour to get out the door secondary to GI issues. I hit the crapper two times before 5 am. When I left I didn't feel great but not all that bad either. After a warm up I started the workout and was ready to bail out at any moment and make my way home. I actually felt really good for most of the workout and had a little GI issue on the warm down but for the most part running was the best part of my day. I was left with about an hour to get ready for work and my stomach was churning like gale force winds were in effect. I tried to drink, eat, and take in extra salt and no help was provided. Once I got to work, a glass of 7-up and a little more breakfast helped a bit more. After work I felt queasy and warm. Shit! Maybe I am sick! Tomorrow is questionable and I'll have to sleep on it and see where I sit in the am.

The workout looked like this: 4-5 X 8 minutes med-hard, with 3 min's. recovery.
followed by 3X 40 seconds hard.

warm up:  22:02
repeat 1:  8:00  5:46 pace  HR 157
repeat 2:  8:00  5:37 pace  HR 158
repeat 3: 8:00  5:48 pace  HR 157
repeat 4:  8:00 5:46 pace  HR 158
repeat 5-7:   :40  sprints 4:38 pace
warm down:  22:10

Total: 1:31:31   12.8 miles

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