Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Last of The Thirties

I have made another trip around the sun. Today marks the 39th trip and I will savor this year. I am looking forward to many events and especially finishing the age group up with hopefully some strong performances.

Late this morning I decided to take an easy loop of the trails and keep the intensity super low. Running the trails this time of year can guarantee you some mud. Wet, muddy, slick, roots, and rocky was the common foot fall surface. The winds were blowing and it started to mist and drizzle for the entire time I would be out. Legs finally started to wake up around forty minutes and the ninety was very comfortable.

*i was supposed to do a mini taper this week, but not like the flu forced me too. time to hop back on the train this next week and get some decent miles in.

Totals:  1:31:57  10 miles  (9:07 pace, trails)

Weeks Total (5 runs): 48.6 miles
Years Totals: 815.7 miles

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