Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Change of Plan

The run was a no frills easy loop up to Kenwood Avenue and loop out a bit and return via Rice Lake Rd. Legs felt good and all systems should be a go for tomorrows prediction run. I am undecided if I will actually stay on the track or do on the roads. The roads will definitely add some challenge as I would like to have consistent surface and flats. More on that tomorrow.

I have made some changes in racing plans. I was going to do a half marathon at the end of May at the Stillwater Half Marathon. After talking with some 'locals' I decided against it because of its terrain. Very hilly and slow. The goal of that race will be to test the paces and do as a marathon "race rehearsal". If I have a drastically different course and the paces are way off, what's the use, plus the recovery from a hilly course might be a lot longer then I am looking for. I just decided on Fargo because of the course and it has a quick reputation, (only five years running), for a very well organized, and fun event. I am looking forward to that trip on May 9th.

Totals: 56:40   7.7 miles   HR 133

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