Sunday, April 12, 2009


Being long distance runners we are often faced with training solo. It's the nature of the sport. I wasn't too excited about running for over two hours on rural highways by myself, but you got to do what it takes to get the workouts in. Enter my father. He didn't run with me but he did haul out his bike and made his first peddle of the season along side of me during the long run. Great help and appreciated!
We left the house, ran for seven miles on a downhill grade to the shores of Lake Superior before making our way up the shoreline to the Porcupine Mountain Ski area. Once there I turned back and ran the highway until the total milage was met. Beautiful weather, near perfect, and having my dad close bye for conversation made this long run the best it could have been.
Legs felt good as with the lungs and heart. Much better than yesterday.

Totals: 2:05:28 18.1 miles (HR 134 6:57 pace)

Weeks Totals: 75.2 miles
Years Totals: 706.9 miles

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