Friday, April 17, 2009

First in A Month

I was forced to take a day of rest this morning. I should have known something was up on Wednesday when the recovery run felt so awful. Lucas woke us up vomiting in his room and only to jump in our bed and vomit there an hour or two later. Great fun! It's so hard watching your little one puke. I got worse as the night went on and had to report to work as my partner had a vacation day. As the day progressed I got a bit better and in the evening I started to feel pretty close to normal. Having said all that, I am a bit apprehensive to race tomorrow, but if I don't feel any worse I probably will report to the starting line. I need to race and I have been looking forward to it all winter. Let's hope the nights sleep is a better one.

Click HERE for 5k results in the later morning.

Totals: 0 miles
* first day off in over a month. I guess I got my rest week a little early.

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