Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Roller Coaster Illness

I've had this happen in the past and had it play out different. That's the beauty of the virus. They are all different. I ran on Monday and Tuesday didn't feel well again. This morning was a test and for the most part felt OK, just nothing special. I may end up taking more time off this week, as I am heading to my home town to take in some deer hunting festivities. I don't hunt, but I do love the food and beer that the "game" has to offer. Looking at my fall schedule and looking at where I am heading, it would be a good week to take off and have one more block of rest before I start the climb to marathon madness in the spring. Sounds good to me.

Totals: 38:21   5.1 miles  (HR 129)  7:31 pace

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