Sunday, November 30, 2008

Once Again Virus, You Win

I would have never known it but on Wednesday I was doomed. Doomed for yet another virus running uncontrollably through the house. Upon returning home from work Wed. I was starting to feel the effects. Burning nose, tight throat, head pressure, and ringing in the ears. Yep, just another virus that would cause me week of training to be kicked in the balls. I woke for the Gobble Gallop and knew I wouldn't be running. What's the use? The all out effort might drive the cold-bug into my system more and cause me to miss more training. Then it started to snow. It snowed hard for an hour leaving about 1+ inches of powder snow on the streets. "Nope, not racing in this" I thought. Ordinarily I would love to take on this added element of surprise, but not today. That would be the last nail in the coffin. Good thing. Friday wasn't much better and Saturday morning was worse, and finally today I started feeling better, but sounded much worse. My son and I made our way to the pond near our house and played a little boot hockey between ourselves which was a blast.
Tomorrow I may attempt to get a short run in the morning if I can get all the phlegm out of my sinuses by then. A good "burner" in the early, cool morning should do the body good.

Totals: Week=  20 miles
               Year=   1954 miles

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