Friday, November 21, 2008


Hard to believe the temperatures lately. These types don't usually occur until Jan. or Feb. I was a bit shocked to see the temps in the negatives this morning. -2F with clear skies. Yuk! After digging out the cold winter clothes I was off to do an easy hour loop. 

The cold temperatures must have made me run a bit quicker because I ran the loop about two minutes faster than the last time running. Most things are feeling well, I just need to add the strength exercises three to four times a week over the winter months.

I am having a bit of trouble with the HR monitor in the early miles. Because of the cold and little to no sweat on my body until twenty minutes or so, it has been reading really high and irregular. (No it is not my actual HR, I checked.) Once I get a sweat on, the contacts improve and my HR drops about thirty beats. Maybe I need to start using some type of gel for better contacts.

Totals: 55:36  7.6 miles  (HR 144 ? accuracy)  7:17 pace

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