Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vermilion Hills

Easy recovery miles out and back on Vermilion and Hunters Park tour. Legs felt really good after twenty minutes and no issues to talk about. A very enjoyable "rest" day.
Totals: 50:25   6.5 miles   (HR: 123, 7:48 pace)

This morning was a scheduled hill repeat day. The biggest problem I had was finding a 'proper' hill that wasn't covered in ice. Once I made up my mind I did a warm up of thirty plus minutes and settled on the hill on Vermilion near the cemeteries. I was to do 8-10 repeats of at least one minute duration. It felt moderately-hard on the last repeat I did, which was the eighth, so I ended the workout there. Being my first real hill workout in some time I didn't want to over do it and end of too sore to run tomorrow. I finished with a cool down. Felt really good with this workout. 

Totals: 4 mile warmup 
               2.5 miles of hills (up/down)
               4 mile cool down
               ~ 1:20:00 running   10.5 miles total

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