Saturday, March 7, 2009

Feels Like Spring

I was just getting ready to make my way out for a run when Chris gave me a call for a Hartley report. I didn't have much to report as Wednesday was my last day on the trails and that could mean a huge difference. We decided to give them a try since it was an easy 8-10 today.
The early trails were in very respectable shape but the upper guardrail loop was nothing to talk about. Pretty shitty for the most part. We made the best of it and ran easy as the conversation made the time and distance cruise past rather quickly. We made our way out to the roads and finished up our distances and called it a day.
The weather almost fooled us into thinking spring was here, but living in Duluth, we know better... far off.

Totals: 1:17:08   9.1 miles  (8:29 pace)

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