Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Slushfest

I did a nice and easy tour of Kenwood neighborhoods and a short section of Rice Lake Rd. before making my way down to Skyline and heading home. I like doing this loop from time to time because it gives me an opportunity of running some downhill miles without getting beat up too bad. Overall a good run. Legs are feeling really good.

Totals: 57:32   7.7 miles  (7:30 pace)

Yesterday while at work the north land received about 1-2 inches of snow and made the commute home a little white knuckled for some. The snow managed to stick while the overnight temps continued to rise. Once I woke up I decided to lay low for the morning and play with Lucas. He likes to wreskle. (ie: wrestle)
Once I made up my mind to get going the temps were just under 40F and lots of slush! I did a Lakeside out and back and returned via London Rd. and up to the Tischer Creek trails back to the house. Everything felt really good, I just tried to relax on the snowy parts and keep the HR down. I managed to do that pretty well and slowed quite a bit on the return hills just to keep aerobic. Fueled up and readied myself for the long run tomorrow.

Totals: 1:17:30   10.3 miles  (HR 134, 7:32 pace/ 7:15's for 9 miles)

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