Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Treadmill Booster Run

The usual easy Monday run as yesterday's progression run took a little more out of my legs than I was giving it credit for. I really felt it on the hills, and had to concentrate on keeping an easy pace and form. The closer to an hour I got the better things felt and I was happy to have such good conditions to run in.

Totals: 59:39   7.6 miles  (HR 128   7:49 pace)

This would be the second 'booster' run I had scheduled since starting the new program. The first was a disaster, because I don't think I fully understood the workout along with expecting to be in better shape than I actually was. I had it in my head that this morning I would not repeat the same pattern of downward spiral.
After working slowly through the thirty minute warm up it was planned to run six miles at roughly 1/2 marathon to 30k race pace. By using the estimator tables on McMillans site I came up with 5:55 pace as goal pace. My heart rate during the half marathon I ran last fall had me at 156-160 bpm. (This would also be closely monitored during the faster segment and I would adjust the pace accordingly). I managed to make it through the workout. As Greg said in his description of the workout, it wouldn't be the pace of the workout, but the length of the workout that I would find difficult. Maintaining concentration would be key.  He was right. Several times I was ready to pull the plug and I had to ask myself, "why stop now, what is the reason for stopping?" As I monitored my HR, legs, and breathing everything felt just a good as the first mile. So I kept going. I did have to adjust the last mile just a bit but not by much and I was happy to get that workout under my belt. I finished with a 1.5 mile cool down, a little short, but I had to get moving and make my way to work.

Here is a breakdown of the workout:
30:00 warmup   4 miles
mile 1=  6:12  (eased into it, not to redline)
mile 2=  5:55   HR 157
mile 3=  5:56
mile 4=  5:56
mile 5=  5:55   HR 158
mile 6=  6:01
13:49 cool down

Totals: 1:19:01    11.7 miles

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