Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thirds Progression

To finish off the 'rest' week I was scheduled to run a "thirds" progression run. The first to be easy warm up pace, the middle was to be usual aerobic training pace and the last third was to be near marathon pace. 
Once I started the warm up phase I soon realized that increasing the HR by approximately ten beats each phase I would be very close on all the efforts and paces. It was made very clear that the last segment was NOT to be "all out" and to make sure I had plenty of reserve in the legs.
I ran from our house out to Superior street and used old highway 61 to get most of the middle time and returned for the last segment to Ordean Middle School. I felt super and my breathing was feeling much better than my legs. I was feeling a bit tight at certain times but for the most part once I really focused on relaxation my legs became more fluid to the end.
Here is a breakdown of the workout:

warm up phase:30:03   3.9 miles  (HR 124 7:38 pace)
middle phase: 28:17  4 miles (HR 139  7:01 pace)
                                1:40  .3 mi. (HR 142   6:27 pace )
finish phase: 30:06  4.9 mile (HR 149,   6:12 pace)
                             1:55 .23 mile jog to car

Total: 1:32:02   13.3 miles    (HR 137  6:55 pace)

Weeks Total: 60.5 miles
Years Total: 560.8 miles

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