Tuesday, March 24, 2009


If for no other reason, I have to do one of these workouts just so I can say Fart lick.

Overall, this is a down week in volume for me but the workouts are still coming into play. Today's workout was a nice way to introduce some paces I have not ran in quite some time. I think I nailed the workout as I began to have a hint of a stitch on the last two repeats. 

Here is a summary: 
25:00 warm up  
23:21 of 1 min. at ~ 5k pace followed by 1 min. easy running
my first 4 were at 11 mph just to work into it, then the last 8 were at 11.2 mph.
I'm not too sure what exact 5k pace is right now, but this felt very good.
intervals HR: approaching 158-159 on pace, recovery at 142
24:00 warm down.

1:09:30   9.6 miles   


SteveQ said...

Okay, but it's really pronounced fahrt-lake. When coaching high school boys, it's pronounced speed-play.

Gregg said...

some things you never loose... for me it's the immature sound of fart lick...