Saturday, March 28, 2009

Maintain and Enjoy

An easy morning of running after yesterday's hill bursts. I realized this morning that I have really been lacking good hill workouts in recent past years. I'm glad to have them back on the schedule. For the recovery run I made my way along Skyline out and back then picked up Buddy and made a short loop through some icy trails before ending the run at an hour. Legs recovered well.

Totals: 1:00:21  7.5 miles  (HR 122  8:06 pace)
               out: 20:02, back: 19:19, with dog 21:00 (9:50 pace)

Another day for general aerobic training. Erik and I were on the same schedule so we hooked up for a nice ten miler on Park Point. I was looking forward to running on some new terrain and seeing some new scenery. Perfect for a Saturday morning run as there was minimal traffic, little breeze, and good footing. Overall a super run.

Totals: 1:13:51  10.1 miles  (HR 130,  7:19 pace)

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