Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back on Home Turf

Last Long Run! (real long anyway)

The trip to Seattle was good for many reasons and I managed to keep "minimum" training while on foreign soil. That's often the result when I travel for that amount of time but this time I had to at least maintain on the low end of my volume and thus a recovery week was created.

This morning I was to do my last real LONG run and keep things aerobic. I got a hold of a running pal, Rod, whose running schedule doesn't quite match up with mine most days and he and I did a trail loop down to the bottom of Lester Park and back before I was off on my own to finish up. The trails left me a bit tight in the hip flexors but once I hit the roads and got my stride back things loosened up and I managed to finish the last 6-8 miles at or near 6:30 pace. I managed to complete the run on only small amount of fluid and no gels and still feel very good! Legs so far are recovering well and I will need to take at least one super-easy day Monday and possibly Tuesday as well.

Totals: 3:06:14  24.2 miles (last 6-8 at 6:30 on skyline)

Weeks Totals: 74.1 miles
Years Totals: 1171.9 miles

Last run in Seattle and I made it another run to the Pier district where I found some new areas to run and follow up on my stand bye bike path for some quicker fartlek intervals of thirty seconds. Legs are feeling pretty decent and I am looking forward to getting on the plane back to Minnesota!

Totals: 52:25  7.3 miles   8 X 30 seconds fartlek 

This was the morning of the conference that has the 5K "fun run". I didn't register early and attempted to yesterday to no luck. He said, "we are closed for this year." What! I didn't quite hear him right.? He mentioned that this was a record year and they had over 500 registered runners and they had no more bibs to give out. OK with me, I really didn't need to race a 5K anyway. 
Instead, I ran a loop down by the Piers and found the race start and just ran a few out and backs before making my way back to the Hotel. I was going to jump in the race just to get some faster miles in but I decided against it and just do some faster repeats tomorrow. 

Total: 1:06:40  9.1 miles

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