Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wind Gusts

I woke up to wind gusts that were howling like mad. I knew that doing a specific pace-type run outside would be more than challenging. One up and alert I decided to do the workout on the treadmill and see how my legs would adjust. After two of the three mile warm up my legs really started to loosen and I could tell I would be able to try the workout. I did a segment of 5 miles at just over marathon pace. After not running on the treadmill for some time I found it difficult handling the temperature. HOT. My heart rate and my breathing was in great shape and I was just a bit fatigued in the legs in the early miles, but never got any worse. For the week following a half marathon I was very happy with how things went.
I ended the morn by taking the dog out to the trails for a little run as my warm down.

Totals: 1:12:00   10+ miles (5 miles at 6:00 pace on TM)

Easy running out to Martin road and back via Vermilion. My legs didn't quite feel as good as yesterday and I may need to run easy yet another day.
 I will focus on fluid intake and good nutrition and see if that helps as well.

Total: 56:45   7.7 miles

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