Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Need For 48

This morning I noticed I just didn't have the zip in my legs and immediately called for another day of "easy" running before heading into a true workout type of run. I need to do a tempo run of 6-7 miles and this morning just wasn't in the plan. That's OK, as taking an extra day to recovery from longer efforts is something I need to do. This week will hopefully be W, Friday workout days. Legs felt much better than yesterday, just not "pace ready". Tomorrow should be good.
I did a loop up Woodland, Howard G. to Kenwood, through Chester and home.

Totals: 1:06:20  9.1 miles  (7:17 pace)

As usual, I did my regular "recovery" day and ran the Martin to Vermilion loop. Nothing special, just a bit more fatigued than normal having done twenty yesterday. I'll have to see about the workout tomorrow morning.

Total: 1:02:22   8.1 miles  (HR 125,  7:34 pace)

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