Thursday, May 28, 2009

Almost Yasso

Yesterday I walked out to the Seattle Running Company and asked one of the sales staff where the closest track was and he was pleasant enough to show me a map and write the directions for me. From my Hotel it was a near perfect 2.5 miles, good for a warm up and cool down.
As the title says, Almost Yasso, I didn't quite have the same luck as I did on my last Yasso effort. I think the main thing was I had it in my head that the times HAD to be faster. They were, but it was in my head the entire time of the warm up. Since my arrival I haven't been able to get my body on the same pattern for meals, drinks, and of course pooping. The other thing was, and I am sure this had ALOT of play in my end result, was the ability to endure this type of workout. If you haven't done this workout, make sure you incorporate it into your next marathon plan. It's a bitch on the last three or four repeats. I had a really good workout going and on the seventh repeat I fell apart. My legs felt like lead, and my mind was shutting down and telling myself to stop at eight. I wasn't sure if that was the wimpy side of me, I'm sure it was, or the rational side of me and "listening to my body", as I wasn't reacting to the workout the same as the last time. I felt I was working too hard to maintain pace on the last few intervals, and to press on and bang my head wasn't the goal of the workout. I feel by doing eight repeats I did accomplish something and to do two more repeats at five seconds slower would have been pointless. Having said that, I do feel I am on target to have a decent marathon given the workouts, races, and long run work.
Here is a breakdown of today's Yasso workout.
Interval Times: 2:32, 2:32, 2:31, 2:31, 2:33, 2:32, 2:35, 2:31

HERE is the first yasso I did end of April.

Totals: 1:19:06 11 miles

I forgot about the two hour time change going as far west as Seattle. I woke up at 4 am local time and decided to stay in bed another hour before venturing off on a run. After reading a map and asking the front desk person for running routes, (front desk people NEVER know where to run. i have gone to this conference four years now and the front desk person thinks a two mile route is running. I guess it is for most of the fitness population but I continue to get weird looks when I tell them I am planning on running for eight to ten miles...) I made my way out to the streets in efforts to get near the "water", is it ocean, bay, or what? I eventually found the bike path that the front desk person was telling me about and I was pleasantly surprised to have as much distance as I had at this point. After an out and back of near three miles I made my way back to the Hotel and ended with an hour of running. Good for the first day in foreign land.

Totals: 1:01:00 8 miles

Woke as usual and made my way out the door for an easy, general aerobic run of an hour or so. Out to Martin road and back via Vermilion and added a small loop at the house to get in the mileage. No frills and the legs are feeling pretty decent.
Later this afternoon I am off to Seattle for a A.C.S.M. conference and will be challenged with trying to maintain marathon training in foreign land. There is always the treadmill, but as you know this had been my last ditch effort for running.

Total: 57:42 8 miles

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