Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Sign of Real Spring

This morning was another trip out to west Duluth to Jeremy's house to get in a longer effort. It was on the books to get up to twenty miles if I was feeling well. That's what I wanted to run more for my mind then my legs.  As I was getting ready to depart I was trying to figure out what to wear and I even brought a winter hat and gloves! Those two articles of clothing were left behind and I decided on a light long sleeve shirt with a tee underneath. Smart idea as I would be shedding the long sleeve and just running in the tee for near half of the run.

We made our way to the Western Waterfront trail and ran out west, following the RR tracks for some time before landing in Morgan Park. From there we continued west and ran out past Gary while making the turn at an hours time. After the return trip I ended up added an extra half hour before calling it quits. I felt good and had just enough fluid and e-caps to make the experience a good one. No aches or pains to worry about and will be looking forward to next weekends event!!

Totals: 2:29:09   20 miles  (HR 132  pace 7:28)

Weeks Total: 78.3 miles
Years Totals: 894 miles

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