Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Recovery and Fartleks

I felt pretty good after yesterday's recovery and was ready to hammer out some Fartleks. I was to do up to 12 repeats of one minute with the intensity a bit faster than 5k pace. After a half hour of warm up I worked my way through the first repeat. I felt too good as the split was under 5:00 pace, should be near 5:10 or so. *I managed to get in 11 solid repeats and had to bail on repeat 12 because of overall fatigue. About half way through the intervals I felt like I wasn't recovering and that may reflect a little left over fatigue from Sunday's run. Anyway, I averaged the intervals near 5:10's or just under and had a nice warm down. The goal for the day is push the fluids and recover.

Totals: 1:24:27   12.4 miles  (11.5* X 1 min at 5K pace with 1 rec.)

After yesterday's twenty I was a bit slow this morning but amazingly no major aches or pains to deal with. Just a little fatigue that should shake out the rest of the day. Another beautiful morning run that was a bit crisp with temps in the low 30's.
Total: 57:20   7.7 miles   (7:28 pace)

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