Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Urban Wildlife

Yesterday it was a smelly skunk. This morning while running west on Skyline Blvd. I saw a black bear cross my path. This is in the middle of the city! By the time I had crossed where he did I wasn't able to get a good look but from where I saw him he was a big one.

My legs continue to improve at a rate I have never experienced before and it's kind of nice. Just a little residual fatigue left but no sore spots to be concerned with. I may take one more middle-distance easy day tomorrow and take it from there. I saw my buddy Chris ripping up the track this morning so I joined him for a couple laps in between intervals. It's always nice to see a familiar face in the early hours.

Totals: 1:20:05  10.8 miles   (HR 128  7:24 pace)

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