Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trail Enjoyment

The early morning sunrise and warblers songs had me ready to head out on the trails. The more the morning hours clicked away the more I wanted to just sit and drink pot after pot of coffee. Once my wife returned from her trail run I decided to head out and see how the legs would react to the terrain. (I haven't run many trail miles this spring)

My first section of trails were on the Hartley trails and I was happy to find them clear and dry. After making my way via Kenwood Avenue to Chester Bowl, I completed all their trails and proceeded to the Rock Hill wood chip trails where I would finish the mileage and complete the time with another 'looper', Jess. After one loop and some catch-up chat we parted and I made my two minute jog to the house. Legs felt good and I am happy to do some longer slower miles on such a beautiful day.

Totals: 1:29:38   10.6 miles   (8:27 pace, trails)

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