Saturday, May 2, 2009


I like to use mornings like this for an extra day of easy running before the Sunday long run. My hamstrings were a bit tight last night after work and I wanted to do some super slow easy running and try to flush out the legs and follow with a good circuit of stretches in hopes to get all the kinks out. My legs felt a little better after all of that and I hope I can fuel up and have a good one tomorrow.
Ran down to the Lakewalk and up via Chester Bowl trails.
Total: 1:16:32   9.8 miles   (7:49 pace)

I took it easy and ran the Martin road loop and tried not to look at pace and ran super easy. My legs felt pretty decent after yesterday's track session. The only issue as of late continues to be the apparel for the morning. Quite often I over dress but that just keep me loose I guess. It's better than freezing.
Total: 56:40   7.6 miles  HR 129

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