Sunday, May 17, 2009

Second 20

This morning was only my second twenty miler of the training phase so far and it went as well as I would have liked it to go, especially one week after a half-marathon. I made my way out to Jeremy's, joined he and Jay Lee and made our way to the Munger trail to proceed to run south for an hour or so. We turned at 63 minutes and returned in 57. Once back at Jeremy's we added a loop and I added a final to make it twenty. My legs were just a bit heavy feeling but I was able to run pretty comfortably at 6:40 pace on the return trip. 
This was the first long run where I could wear shorts comfortably. Pretty sad, being May and my legs are whiter than white. The only error of the morning came at the turn around where I hit my watch for the split and it messed up that mile and when the next mile registered I was half a mile short. So, at the end, when my watch read "split 20" I thought I had twenty miles in, and I had 19.5. No big deal.

Totals: 2:19:20   19.5 miles  

Weeks Totals: 71.2 miles
Years Totals: 1,022.2 miles

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