Thursday, April 29, 2010


Wednesday: A very brisk morning with temps in the upper 20's. I had to dig out the old winter jacket again since I would be running easy and slower than usual. The Kenwood, Skyline route would get the job done as my legs just felt like lead. Not too sure why. One of those days I guess. Once I got back home I released the dog and ran with him for a mile just get him out and exercise.

1:06:00 8.4 miles

The plan was to do 8-10 repeats in an effort to get the YASSO workout completed. This workout has me psyched out. It is not an easy workout by any means. Very mental. You have to talk yourself into the fact that you can indeed run the redline. Things were going very well until I felt an upper hamstring/lower glute muscle give a pull. I attempted two more repeats then called it a morning at 7 repeats. The wind was gusting as it always seems to do on track mornings but I was happy to do what I did.

26:16 warm up
7X800 meters
20:27 warm down trails

Total: 1:19:20 ~11 miles

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