Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wind Shifts

The old saying, "cooler by the lake" are holding true. On Tuesday the temps crashed from 70's to upper 40's in less than an hour after the winds shifted and blew off the lake. The run this morning was very familiar to those of February.

Monday I managed to feel pretty good and did the usual hour loop up Woodland. No frills and no pains to really worry about. Legs felt fair.

Total: 1:00:26 8 miles

Tuesday I did my repeats as another Fartlek just to avoid the track. I am not too sure it was the track that flared up the Achilles a couple of weeks ago, but it is feeling decent now and don't want to mess it up again. So, the workout consisted of 8 minutes repeats at Med-Hard effort. I usually equate that to near 1/2 marathon pace or a bit slower. The workout ended with 3 X 30 bursts to get some extra leg turnover after being fatigued by the longer repeats. I felt really good and I continue to be amazed that the quicker I run the better I feel. (I do realize I can't do that every day, but it feels good to "feel good".

Total: 25 min warm up
#1: 8:00 min at 5:39/mi pace
#2: 8:00 min at 5:40/mi pace
#3: 8:00 min at 5:31/mi pace
3x30 seconds burst at 4:30 pace
29 min warm down

1:23:35 12.5 miles

This morning was a cold one. Low 30's with a pretty decent wind chill. I did the Kenwood/Rice Lake Road loop. Felt really good and managed to keep a pretty decent pace a very low HR. I like the looks of that.

Total: 59:18 8.1 miles
HR: 130 7:20 pace

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Julie said...

I remember that even in the summer the wind coming off of Superior would drop temps big time:) Nice work on your runs...becareful!

I hope to see you Saturday! If I don't see you....Good Luck!! I am sure that you will be your usual speedy self:)