Monday, April 12, 2010

Ready To Rock? Maybe

After yesterday's progression run I was thinking I would be fresh and frisky and ready to run a bit longer this morning. Wrong. First off, it was a Monday. Second, that type of run takes a bit more out of a body than I gave it credit for. I stuck to the easy hour loop through the Woodland streets and home via Vermilion road. My legs did freshen up a bit by the end of the run but it lead me to think that this weekends 5K will come at a cost. Do I just train right up to the race and be forced to run on heavy, dead legs or do I run smart and take a mini taper with Thursday and Friday's mileage. Since I wont really gain anything from tapering, maybe a few seconds, I have decided to train up and give er hell come Saturday morning. I would like to say I am a bit ahead of myself from last year at this time but who knows. 1 K repeats tomorrow morning.

Total: 1:01:37 8 miles


Julie said...

Mondays suck!! I had a tough run tonight after work too. I ran for 55 minutes and my legs felt heavy and tired:( Are you racing a 5k this weekend?

Gregg said...

Fitgers 5K in Duluth. 1500 registered runners. It's always a fun time!!

Julie said...

Good luck!! I see your flipping PRs...chances are you will not need any luck:) Have a great time!